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  1. Click on "participate" to register

  2. Team up and find partners online from different backgrounds (designer, business dev, etc..)

  3. Check our list of APIs for The Connected Challenge!

  4. Merge them and develop a prototype application!

  5. January 15th, 2015 at 42: afternoon of prototype demonstration and coaching by start-ups and large companies. If you want to participate to the DemoDay, please register on the meet-up group here. Taking part to this DemoDay, it's also a chance to find a coach that will give you advice and take you higher in the challenge.

  6. Download and fill up the presentation file (powerpoint) to submit your project ! To sum up, you must complete and send before February 15th, 2015 :

    • A 5-slide PowerPoint presenting your application project

    • A screencast or an explaining video, showing the functions of your application

    • Your application prototype (link or apk or zip etc.)

  7. The five winning teams will be selected by a jury composed of the partners' experts. The jury will make its selection based on the following criteria:

    1. Creativity with regards to the use of the application.

    2. Features and quality of the rendering of the application or the service: Degree of completion of the application - operability - and relevance of its use.

    3. API Diversity: the number and relevance of selected APIs. The jury will also take the combined use of APIs between start-ups and large companies into consideration. 

    4. Wow Effect: scope of service and representation of French digitalization potential.

    Download file 

  8. The 5 winning teams will be selected by the partners' jury after the teams presentation at the final.

  9. 5th of March 2015: final at 42, where the 5 winning teams of The Connected Challenge and the winning team of the DigitasLBi prize, Paypal prize and Pebble prize will be rewarded.

    Note: You can use other APIs that the ones listed in our website but you have to use one of the APis from our selection.

    Deadline: You have until February 15th, 2015 to send us your prototype and your presentation file!


Your team must be composed of 5 members max.

Your team must have at least one developer but may include various profils from: engineering school, business, design, university specialized in management, accounting, finance, law... Note that multidisciplinary teams will be more likely to bring out the best ideas!




Teams of 1 to 5


  • 1€9,000 of prizes
  • 2€4,500 of prizes
  • 3€4,000 of prizes
  • 4€1,250 of prizes
  • 5€1,250 of prizes


  • WebLearner
  • stLivio
  • creacht
  • VivienL
  • poney
  • Katlea
  • joselym
  • giard_b
  • danielle91
  • Yana
  • z0mbie42
  • ndiouri
  • [PRIME]Techn1x
  • driew
  • dgael

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